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Crisenbery Illustration

Project 11: Off the Computer: One With Nature Poster

Hello Tumblrsphere! For Jake’s challenge, I chose to do a poster concept inspired by my love for the outdoors and the feeling you have when immersed and surrounded by greenery and life. I started out my design by refining my initial thumbnail and figuring out where exactly I wanted the various elements in the poster. What also really helped was doing a color comp to figure out the paper usage. From there, I started by building the initial structure of the ribcage, moving to the organs and hip bone, then finishing with the nature embellishments.

I’ve also decided to put this lovely up as a print for sale on my Etsy page. Treat yourself and buy this beaut!

Thanks for checking this out and on that note, I’ll start picking up paper scraps off the studio floor for the next week.